Saturday, 4 May 2013

As Cool As The Water of Lata Tembakah

Tutt.. my black Samsung Champ rang to alert me that I had gotten a message. It was from Izzat, the best buddy ever although for two years I never ever have a chance to hang out with him except for the last month. He told me that he came to Kelantan for General Election days off. My prayer was fulfilled.

He managed to came back and I had chance to bring him to the place that I really eager him to see. Lata Tembakah, the most magnificent picnic port ever. He will stun for looking at the view of the most beautiful panorama of the waterfall there. Seriously, my eyes forgot to blink for seconds when I first saw the view of Lata Tembakah. What a beautiful place. Very stunning one. Then, I planned a picnic to entertain him and wanted to make him never forget the picnic for entire of him life. I came out with the idea of making a barbeque there with budget of rm80. Burger meat, sausages, Twister, chicken to grill and some tools for the picnic. What an economic spending.

I fetched Bad at the morning. For real, he hadn’t changed a lot – noob for short. Despite to welcome him, I asked for the grill to use for barbeque. He had it. Then, we went to Pangkal Kalong where Arman’s house is but he wasn’t permitted to join us by his mum. Never mind, maybe next time he would. So, I drove straight to Kok Lanas for margarine – the last ingredient to buy to apply during grilling the chicken. We stopped at Jelira Market and met Amirul there. He was working when we met him and warmly welcome us with hug. Well, I haven’t seen him for two years. We talked for a while. I planned for a visit to my homeroom teacher house with him as soon as the General Election done. He agreed. It will be fulfilled soon.

We went to Bukit Merbau for Amir, the next member to join. Then, we fetched Raznan at Bukit Abal. They are funny as usual. We talked much about ourselves. Amir works at canteen in the school nearby with some old friend of mine. He is kindly happy with the work. For Raznan, he will register for Form 6 soon. Well, I felt quite jealousy and stupid for what I am now. Stuck at home with self-unemployed and doing nothing to improve myself. Perhaps, updating my blog would make my days better. We left Raznan at the workshop for his motorcycle. We will ride there because he cannot leave his motor there for too long. Then, we went off to Machang for Izzat.

He looked fatter than before. I guessed his mum feed him well (HAHA). He talked too much during we set about the journey to Jerteh for Lata Tembakah. The presence of Bad makes him laugh much. I guessed my plan worked well. Well, I can’t make him and the others happy because I don’t know how to make them laugh. That is my disadvantage and I feel bad about it. In my silence driving mode, I smiled in my tiny heart. Izzat and the others laugh cured the wound perfectly. I felt invisible for a while and most likely I was watching them enjoyed the conversation through the mirror. My lips were curling. At edge of my heart I wanted to laugh with, but I disabled to. Hearing the laugh would be enough for me to resemble a tiny deep core of pure happiness. I owed it.

2.30pm-Hutan Lipur Lata Tembakah. We walked for 800m to the most stunning waterfall ever-our picnic site. We brought along our stuffs and ever jumped over the high rocky cliff across strong current of waterfall. For Raznan, he can’t extremely overdo it. He had involved in an accident months ago. So, I accompanied him to swim over the waterfall pond with depth of twice my height. The pond was green I even cannot see the bottom of it. Then, we started to set our site. We grilled the chicken first then some us went to swim at waterfall pond. I was likely happy to see they enjoy swimming. They made me never stop smiling with their action, Izzat and Bad of course. They made a few funny pose to snap photos. Most likely like children, Izzat for sure. He ever climbed the dangerous rock nearly the waterfall to jump into pond, again and again. I ever felt hesitated and worried that he might slide over the sharp rocky area due to the slippery rock surface. Well, I have to responsible for all the unfortunate accident that might happen. They also took a picture under the water by using Sony Experia X of Bad. That was exactly awesome. They looked so funny when having some snaps in the water.

Then, we went for the barbeque. I made the barbeque spices by my own and I worried if it tasted awful. But, I heard no complain from them. HAHA, the spices worked and I never thought it tasted well. Even Izzat ate 4 pieces of chicken. They wolfed down all the foods and I thought maybe I should leave them to satisfy their appetite – took some swim at pond.

After they finished eating, they joined me at the pond and again with their ridiculous pose on rock at the side of waterfall for some picture. There was photo, Bad and Izzat did a pose like a Superman and it was damn funny. Then, they jumped into the pond. I gained my bravery to climb the slope to get a close view at the waterfall. Yet, it was too wonderful and magnificent. Although that was my third times visited the place, yet it still made my jaw dropped and adored my eyes to stun over it. What nature beauty. Then, I joined them back for some snaps under the water and it was so awesome moment together. Thanks to Bad for his Sonny Experia X. 

The sky was getting dark. Perhaps it was the time to go home. We packed the things and got back to other side of the stream. I really hope that they will never forget the moment just now. It was the only thing I afford to do. Perhaps that moment will remind them to me. Well, I will move to Kuala Lumpur soon for 5 years and I’m afraid that they might forget me when they hang out with their new friends, Izzat perhaps.I sent them back to their home respectively. The last person to send was Izzat, of course. During I was driving to send him home, we talked much and I even overdrove and missed the junction of his way home. 8.30pm, his mum was too worry about him. Well, I safely sent him home then made my way off.

I drove home. In car at a busy highway with no one accompanied me except for myself. Silent but annoyed by the sound of car engine. Where the laugh gone? In the deep inside my heart there was me alone right now. I missed his voice much and perhaps only the voice of laughter. No matter how happy I was just now, it was about myself and I was happy for them because they enjoyed the picnic. What resembled me on that time? Was I happy or unhappy with them? And then Izzat’s words 2 years ago haunted me back “set your mindset, Yoel.” I already tried Jak, but I can’t. I sorry         


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Negeri Persisiran Pantai #April 21

Tanggal 21 April 2013, merupakan detik yang paling bermakna dalam hidup aku. Aku tak berpernah terfikir yang aku benar-benar dapat melakukan yang. Hari itu, aku hanya berbekalkan tekad dan azam yang kuat untuk mencapai rekod aku sebagai seorang yang suka mencabar sendiri. Yeah, aku pergi "berderak" ke Terengganu SEORANG DIRI. Jom follow entri kali ini.

Daripada (A) Kota Bharu (7.45am) ke (B) Cukai (8.15pm) pada April 21, sejauh 313 km (anggaran Google Maps) 

( A ) KOTA BHARU (April 21, 7.45am)  

Seawal 7.00am pagi lagi aku bersiap untuk berangkat ke Terengganu. Tujuannya adalah untuk berjumpa kawan-kawan aku yang berada di Terengganu, terutamanya Izzat yang sudah 2 tahun tak jumpa. Juga tidak terlupa kawan-kawan MRSM Tumpat seperti Nik, Fakh, Ara, Fauzan dan ramai lagi yang aku nak jumpa. Apa yang menarik tentang pengembaraan aku kali ini adalah pada permulaan dan perakhirannya. Kenapa? Sebab aku akan ke Kuala Terengganu dengan menaiki Honda EX 5 (ianya sejenis motorsikal bagi mereka masih kabur). Aku akan menunggang motosikal sejauh 141 km dari rumah ke Wakaf Tengah, Kuala Terengganu untuk menyewa kereta di sana. 

Tapi sebelum itu aku kena melalui (B) iaitu Tok Bali, Pasir Puteh agar aku tidak sesat. Ya, betul tu. Itulah yang menariknya, kembara aku ini tidak mengguna GPS. Navigator aku cumalah signboard jalan, instinct dan pengalaman lepas. Aku adalah bekas pelajar MRSM Kuala Terengganu untuk satu semester. Untuk pergi ke Gong Bandak, Seberang Takir, Dataran Shah Bandar dan Mydin Mall (tempat outing) adalah mudah kerana aku telah menghafal jalan-jalan sewaktu belajar di MRSM KT atau dikenali MRSM Wakaf Tengah atau MRSM Batu Rakit. 

( B ) TOK BALI, PASIR PUTEH  (April 21, 9.15am) 

Kapal & Jambatan Tok Bali yang menjadi simbol tarikan di Tok Bali ini

Pasar Tiba, di mana ikan yang baru saja ditangkap akan terus diborong dan dijual di sini juga. Belakang pasar ini adalah muara sungai yang mana kapal-kapal nelayan aku akan membawa ikan secara terus ke pasar. 
Ini adalah perhentian pertama aku, agak letih juga naik motorsikal sampai Tok Bali. Untuk pengetahuan semua, Tok Bali adalah dalam kawasan jajahan (daerah) Pasir Puteh dan tempat ini adalah kawasan perikanan yang terkenal di Kelantan. Antara tarikannya adalah sebuah jambatan yang tinggi merentasi muara Tok Bali bagi laluan kapal-kapal dan juga Pasar Tiba, di mana ikan yang baru sahaja ditangkap terus di jual di sini. Oleh itu, ikan - ikan di sini adalah murah dan segar  Tok Bali juga merupakan kawasan peranginan yang cantik. Dari rumah aku untuk sampai ke Tok Bali memakan masa lebih kurang 1 jam melalui Bachok. Aku berhenti rehat di sini selama setengah jam kerana agak lenguh dan keletihan. Bagi mereka yang tidak pernah datang ke sini, biarlah gambar-gambar diatas ini bercerita.  

Kemudian aku meneruskan perjalanan ke Kuala Besut. Hati aku mulai merasa lega selepas berjaya melepasi pintu gerbang "Selamat Datang ke Terengganu". Bukan apa, cuma berasa gembira sebab aku berjaya menjejakkan kaki ke Terengganu dengan usaha sendiri. Rasa macam sudah dewasa dan sudah mampu berdikari dan menyahut cabaran. Aku singgah di bank dekat Pasar Kuala Besut untuk mengeluar wang sebanyak rm 200 (duit gaji). Memandangkan minyak motorsikal sudah hampir kurang dan wang sebanyak rm150 untuk membayar sewa kereta kelak. 

Sesudah itu, aku pun meneruskan perjalanan untuk pergi ke Penarek. Tengok-tengok signboard dan jumpa Kampung Air Tawar. Belok kanan, belok kiri, masuk lorong  dan main rendah kemudian jumpa pantai dan, Yeah..!! jumpa pun Jalan Pantai. Haha, tapi asal nampak lain saja? 

#Sesat 1 : Aku sepatutnya dari {A} Kg. Air Tawar pergi ke
{B} Kg. Raja tapi sesat dekat jalan kecil ke pantai {C} dan
aku sangka itu adalah jalan Jalan Pantai ke Penarek, Setiu

Aku terus patah balik ke Kampung Air Tawar dan mengikut gerak hati supaya aku sampai ke Kampung Tembila. Kenapa? Sebab Kampung Tembila berdekatan dengan MRSM Besut. Maka dengan ini, aku akan jumpa dengan Kota Putera dan akan ke Penarek melalui Kampung Fikri. Kawasan itu, adalah kawasan kampung dan agak memeningkan serta banyak kawasan sawit. Walau apa-apa pun, aku berjaya sampai ke Pantai Penarek pada pukul 10.45am yang mengimbau aku pada saat ke MRSM Kuala Terengganu. Yes..!! Melalui Penarek aku akan sampai ke Merang dan Batu Rakit dan seterusnya Wakaf Tengah 

( C ) WAKAF TENGAH, K. TERENGGANU (April 21, 12.05pm)

MRSM Kuala Terengganu di Wakaf Tengah
Dan akhirnya tamat sesi bermotosikal ke Terengganu, tungggu balik esoknya pulalah aku bermotosikal. Sejauh 141km selama 4 jam menunggang, mahu patah tulang belakang aku. Kemudian, menghubungi tuan sewa kereta. Sebaik sahaja, menghubungi dia memberi tahu lokasi rumahnya. Rumahnya terletak di seberang jalan dari MRSM. Melalui satu lorong di sana, aku terus membelok ke kiri dan jumpa sebuah rumah yang dipenuhi kereta. 

Setelah berurusan dengan seorang perempuan (isteri kepada tuan kereta sewa itu) aku pun dapatlah kunci kereta itu. Motosikal aku, aku tinggalkan dalam halaman rumahnya setelah mendapat kebenaran. Nasib baik ingat bawa kunci. Bayaran untuk kereta itu hanyalah RM50 untuk Perodua Kancil. Aku menyewa untuk dua hari, jadi harganya RM100 + RM50 deposit. Memadaikan? Tapi yang bengangnya dia bagi aku kereta tak ada minyak langsung. Lebih merana lagi kereta itu adalah manual. Haha, bagi boleh saja bawa kereta manual, tapi bak kereta mati semasa memandu di simpang-simpang, itu suku kira. Terpaksalah aku ke ke Gong Badak untuk isi minyak sebelum memulakan perjalanan. Tapi untung jugalah kereta manual sebab minyak jimat guna manual. 

Ini kereta aku sewa =)
Bagi sesiapa yang berminat hendak menyewa kereta bagi
area Gong Badak klik sini

( D ) GONG BADAK, K. TERENGGANU (April 21, 1.15pm)  

Inilah Kompleks Gong Badak
Setelah aku selesai isi minyak di kawasan entah apa nama, dalam kawasan Gong Badak, aku pergi ke Kompleks Sukan Gong Badak dekat Stadium Terengganu yang runtuh dulu tu. Itu adalah kawasan rumah Fakh dan Ara. Setelah, mundar-mandir kawasan itu aku pun menelefon Ara. Yang sedihnya, dia tak angkat. Aku memang berhajat untuk melawat minah tu. Sebab dengar khabar dia masuk hospital lagi kerana SLE. Tapi tak mengapa sebab esok ada lagi. Kemudiannya aku menelefon Fakh untuk mencari jalan ke rumahnya. Katanya rumahnya dekat Shell. Yeah, aku setelah mabuk mencari Shell dalam kawasan tu, akhirnya jumpa juga.

Aku menumpang solat Zuhur di rumah Fakh. Kemudian kami berbual dan menonton televisyen. Kelihatan dia agak terkejut mendengar cerita bagaimana aku sampai ke Kuala Terengganu dengan motorsikal. Haha, hampir dua minggu aku telah memberitahu dia yang aku rancang untuk melawat rumah dia. Setelah dipelawa makan oleh ibu Fakh, aku pun dengan malu-malu kucing menjamah makan tengahari di sana. Dalam waktu itu juga aku, aku menelefon Ara, dia kata dia tak ada dekat rumah. Jadi aku terpaksa meneruskan perjalanan ke Cukai untuk berjumpa Nik Mer pula. 

( E ) PANTAI BATU BUROK (April 21, 2.55pm)

Pantai Batu Burok adalah antara check point yang aku kenal pasti.
Melalui jalan dari Kuala Terengganu, aku akan sampai Marang tidak mana lagi.
Agak penat jugalah untuk sampai ke Cukai. Aku tidak sempat singgah di pantai untuk mengambil angin dan lepak-lepak sekejap. Di Marang jugalah terletak kampung Cikgu Norahima, guru homeroomku yang tersayang. Dia tinggal di Kampun Rhu Rendang. Nasib baik dia dekat Tumpat. Kalau tak..jagalah. Ambush rumah dia.

( F ) KUALA DUNGUN (April 21 4.20pm)

Dari Marang sampailah ke Kuala Dungun, tapi sebelum tu kena lalu Rusila, Tanjung Jara dan sampailah Kampung Sura.

Lama juga aku memandu, dan sampai ke Dungun. Aku tak sempat nak explore Kuala Dungun dengan lebih  mendalam memandangkan hari sudah petang. Namun apa yang debarkan adalah sampai sini sahaja pengalaman aku menghafal jalan. Aku pernah datang Dungun semasa rombongan perkahwinan kakak aku di Kampung Sura Tengah. Itu pun tak sampai ke Kuala Dungun. Sekarang ini, aku hanya ikut instinct dan signboard

Pasar Besar Paka dan power station Paka 
Gerak hati aku membawa sampai ke Paka. Betullah kot. Aku jumpa Pasar Besar Paka dan juga power station diberdekatan. Pada mulanya aku agak keliru sebab kenapa ada kawasan kampung sebelum masuk ke Bandar Paka. Aku hampir ingin patah balik atau ingin tanya orang-orang dekat situ untuk ke Kemaman.   Namun, aku tetap berkeras untuk tidak patah balik. Menurut gerak hati, kalau ada kampung mesti keluar ke  bandar juga akhirnya. Yeah..jumpa juga Bandar Paka. Dengan ini, aku akan menuju ke hujung daerah Dungun untuk ke daerah Kemaman pula. 

( G ) PERUMAHAN RANTAU PETRONAS (April 21, 5.05pm)  

Sebuah rumah di Perumahan Rantau Bukit
Setelah melewati daerah Dungun, di Paka yang kiri kanannya ada power station, barulah aku memasuki daerah Kemaman melalui Kerteh. Lama juga memandu ni. Tidak lama saja lagi aku akan melalui kawasan Perumahan Rantau Petronas kalau berpandukan signboard yang aku nampak. 

Kawasan Perumahan Petronas terbahagi kepada tiga. Rantau Bukit, Rantau Pantai dan Rantau Paya. Kawan aku Izzat tinggal di Rantau Pantai iaitu kawasan perumahan kiri sekiranya kita menghala ke Cukai. Menurutnya lagi, kawasan perumahan ini khas diberi bagi mereka yang berkerja di dengan Petronas. Banyak kemudahan yang disediakan seperti sekolah, padang golf, kolam renang dan juga sebuah pusat membeli belah Mesra Mall iaitu perhentian aku seterusnya. 

Setelah hampir sampai ke suatu simpang berlampu isyarat. Aku terpandang di sebelah kanan aku sebuah pusat membeli belah yang terkenal (la sangat) di Terengganu, Mesra Mall. Kenapa teruja sangat? Sebab aku mahu berehat sekejap di sana. Letih sangat memandu dari Kuala Terengganu ke Kerteh ni, lagi-lagi kereta manual. 

( H ) PUSAT KOMPLEKS MESRA MALL, KERTEH ( April 21, 5.20pm)    

Kejakunan aku terpandang orang ketika
cuba mengambil gambar  ini.
Aku memandu ke parking kereta. Setelah itu, aku menjejakkan kaki ke mall ini. Taklah besar sangat. Tapi banyak tempat-tempat menarik seperti pusat bowling, arked game, squasy, futsal, karaoke, cinema dan snuker. Seronok juga ronda-ronda di sini. 

Setelah penat ronda-ronda dalam mall ini, aku singgah di food court. Tak order makanan pun, cuma rehat sekejap setelah beberapa jam memandu. Dalam masa itu juga aku memaklumkan pada Izzat dan Nik yang aku sudah berada di Kerteh. Mungkin malam ini lebih enjoy itu keluar bersama-sama. Apa-apa pun, aku perlu berhati-hati sebab waktu sekarang sudah hampir malam. Aku sepatutnya bermalam di Kuala Dungun dan aku sudah tempah satu homestay murah di Kampung Sura Tengah. Tapi memandangkan waktu yang singkap dan kekurangan wang, aku beralah pada keinginan. Untuk keluar bersama-sama Nik. 

Ke hentian terakhir, Cukai. Nampaknya malam semakin hampir, dan aku memang bermasalah dengan malam sebab aku ada masalah mata silau. Namun, tetap kuredah. Alang-alang dah sampai kan?

( I ) PANTAI KEMASIK (April 21 , 6.15pm)    



Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Adakah Saya Diterima Berkerja ?

Untuk entry kali ini, aku ingin berkongsi sedikit tentang pengalaman aku mencari kerja. Alang-alang sudah habis SPM, aku agak kesempitan duit sebab sudah tidak “ditaja” oleh ayah aku. Memang betul pun, aku perlu berusaha sendiri agar tidak meyusahkan kedua-dua ibu bapa aku untuk kepentingan sendiri. Lagipun, aku perlukan duit untuk memuaskan kehendak aku, duit ibu bapa aku bagi hanyalah untuk keperluaan sahaja seperti yuran sekolah memandu serta lesen.

Idea mencari kerja bermula ketika aku sedang berbual dengan rakan aku di Medan Selera, KB Mall. Dia berhasrat mahu berkerja di Hotel Renaissance sebagai banquet. Dengar-dengar gaji kerja dekat situ 1 jam RM 40 tapi secara sambilan. Agak lumayan gajinya. Dan bermulalah pengalaman aku cari kerja.

  • KB Mall

Kebanyakan orang lepasan SPM yang menunggu keputusan akan menghabiskan masanya disini. Pada hari itu juga setelah aku dan kawan aku, Arief Saizul bersetuju untuk berkerja bersama, kami ronda-ronda KB Mall untuk mencari kekosongan. 

Kemudian, iklan "Jawatan Kosong" di outlet Flipper yang baru dibuka menarik perhatian. Kami bertanya. Seorang pengurus kedai warga Cina memberikan kami borang untuk di isi dan beliau menyatakan bahawa outlet ini memerlukan perkerja yang sudah berpengalaman. Tapi tak salah mencuba nasib.

Kami terus mencari dan bertanya, dan ini adalah tempatnya. Tapi kebanyakannya mahukan perkerja wanita. Mungkin mereka tak mahu banyak kerenah. Memang susah nak jaga perkerja lelaki yang banyak bermasalah.

Pencarian kerja berlangsung selama 3 hari juga. Aku dan Arief juga pernah keluar malam untuk memohon kerja di Noodle Station. Dan Rafsyan juga pernah ronda-ronda bersama aku. Dan aku, akulah yang tolong jadi jurutanya. Hampeh.!!

  • Tesco 

Dekat Tesco agak kurang menarik. Hanya Pasaraya Tesco yang kami minta. Waktu itu, hanya aku dan Rafsyan sahaja yang menjual muka untuk mendapatkan kerja. Yang bengangnya dekat sini, staff agak kurang mesra dan hanya tidak membantu sangat. Ketika aku menanyakan kerja, ada abang staff di kaunter pertanyaan  suruh aku pergi tanya dekat lobby. Manalah aku tahu dekat mana lobby, katanya dekat dengan parking kereta tapi tak jumpa. Hampehh.!!

  • Hotel 

Hotel Renaissance, hotel pertama yang aku dan Arief Saizul minta kerja sebagai banquet. Pengkhidmatannya agak tip-top. Kakak receptionist itu siap bawa kami ke jaga untuk isi nombor telefon dan nama. Sistemnya mudah saja. Sekiranya pihak hotel memerlukan tenaga kerja yang banyak untuk majlis yang besar. Kami akan dihubungi. Kerja sambilan dan aku harap sangat yang aku akan dapat kerja di sana. Sewaktu menunggu peluang kerja, Arief pernah dihubungi tapi dia tidak dapat pergi kerana dan Open Ruby di GMI. Aku? Hampeh..!! Aku dengan kecewanya pergi untuk kali kedua dengan kawan aku Amal. Dan Hampeh jugak..

Hotel Grand River View, agak kebangangan jugak. Hotelnya terletak di hujung pusat bandar dan agak susah nak sampai sana. Di sini perkhidmatan agak baik tapi tak sebaik Renaissance. Aku dan Amal mencuba nasib disini dengan sistem yang sama, "tinggalkan nombor telefon dan nama kemudian kami akan call sekiranya diperlukan" Tapi Hampeh..

Hotel Holiday Villa, "sila tinggalkan resume" Hampeh..!! mohon banquet je pun bukannya kerja tetap. Hotel ini baru saja siap pada tahu lepas dan aku teringin juga yang berkerja dalam suasana yang serba baru. Pada yang menarik tentang hotel ini adalah tempatnya, terletak di Pasar Wakaf Che Yeh dan bersebelahan dengan Mc Donnald  

  • Lain-lain 
  1. Sunrise Interprise, dapat notis masa baru balik dari cari kerja di Berek 12. Yang ini memang hampeh. Rupa-rupanya ini adalah syarikat jual supplement Octiberry dan kerjanya adalah jadi agen. Siap brainwash lagi suruh aku berhenti belajar dan jual ubat dia, Babeng kan?
  2. Berek 12, tempat di mana aku dan Arief interview Pizza Hut Delivery bersama 2 kawan dia yang lain. Hampehnya aku yang tahu pasal notis interview ini ketika balik dari Pasir Tumboh. Lebih hampeh bila ketiga-tiga Arief dan kawan-kawan dia dapat offer Pizza Hut Delivery itu. Haha, dengki
  3. Sekitar Lembah Sireh, disini aku tanya kerja dengan Arief di Fruity Tutti dan hal membawa aku ke Taman Tengku Anis di Tanjong Chat. katanya ada kosong tapi hampeh jugak.
  4. Syarikat Muda Osman, aku dah fotostat 5 salinan borang untuk dihantar ke 5 tempat Muda Osman tapi tidak ada daya nak satu pun borang. 
  5. Syarikat 7E, hantar saja borang dengan Amal punya borang. Tapi sampai sekarang tak dapat jawapan.
  6. Horizon Restaurant, juga hantar borang dengan Arief Saizul tapi tak dapat apa-apa maklum balas. Diorang buat ape sebenarnya dengan borang-borang aku tu? 
  7. Parkson dan Billion dengan Rafsyan, malas nak tulis. Buat penat je ronda-ronda sana.
Pengalaman cari kerja ini sangat memenatkan. Tak kerja lagi dah penat. Untuk pengetahuan semua. Saya dan kawan-kawan yang yang cari kerja bersama hanya bermotosikal dan mengelilingi bandar Kota Bharu. Pencarian ini ber langsung selama 2 bulan dari Januari sampai sekarang, Februari. Kesian..


Watak-watak : Arief Saizul, Rafsyan dan Amaludin

p.s : Takde rezeki la kot..


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Buddies Fovever

Haha, when being asked about my BFF, I have my own statement about it.  For me, BFFs are the people who be with me during happy and sorrow. When I need a help, they come to me and when they need my help.

  Aspect to view, I qualify my friends by looking up their personality. First come is HONESTY. When I told the secret, they wouldn’t spread it. It’s the most important part in friendship matter. Second is FUN, they must be so funny and full of enjoyment. Why? Because funny person could cope my stressful problem, thus they can make my happy again. Third is CARE, in friendship this thing is the main point. Helping each other make the bonding become more tightly. Below are the 10 BEST BUDDIES in my entire life.

Rank: Super-Best
1. Izzat (Pokjak)
Q.       What make him so special to you?
He adored me by showing his kindness when I’m needy for help. Despite his nice-looking face, we do have something in common, fan of Avenged Sevenfold band. The Western band that make us become out of control. He first introduced me to the band when he was memorizing the “Seize the Day” lyric. Izzat came from Kerteh, Terengganu. He was fabulous in Math. To me he is more likely my younger brother. Why? Because he always do what the kid do, like wrestling, chasing cat, watching cartoon and many others. But, he sometime advised like my father did.  
Q.       What the moment that make you can’t forget him?
The words that I remember most is hit by chair. HAHA, why? It was a long story but for you guys, I will shorten it. One night after finishing my last work during preparation class, I was order to tidy the chairs at the hall. So, I asked him and one of my friend named Amin K to accompany me as the hall was too dim and wide, it frightened me.
At hall, before Amin K switched on the lights, I had started to tidy the chairs by putting the chair on the other chairs (making the set of chairs in one). And I pushed to edge of the wall of hall. During I was doing that, I failed my step and the set of chairs fell onto me. I fainted. Fortunately, Izzat and Amin K noticed it. So, they called the warden and settled it up (I’m still wondering how the situation was). And before I gained my full consciousness, I heard voices like someone talking but I couldn’t hear it clearly.
Then, I heard the voice said “hit by chair” and in dizziness and pain, I became so confuse. Where was I that moment, someone did spoke in English. And he was. Izzat said it. I was brought to Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia at Kubang Kerian. I gained my consciousness and regained my memory about the voices I heard back. It was Izzat and I recognized his voice, only him. 

 Q.       Do you guys ever fighting for something? 
 Yes, we do. But, it was not a fight actually, it was a wrestling. HAHA, he obsessed of WWF, a wrestling television show. We and some of the dorm mates sometimes wrestled together in his room. We combined the beds and mattresses for the stages and wrestled on it. He once got cut at his lips for that. So, we called him “Izzat, The First Blood”. That time, I bought a canned-drink to cool his lip, slowed the bleeding.

Rank: Super-Nasty
 2. Afnan (Peney)

Q.       How you guys got to know each other?
He was my roommate during our first year. I didn’t know him well during my first semester because I always hanged out with Budu and Bicik and with my Form 1 juniors. His expression made me boring. I had never seen his laugh at all although I sensed a humor in our conversation. He was too passive and not talking too much. And, always did his “job” after he awoke. HAHA
But, after second semester of 2012, I got close to him much because we frequently studied together at Dewan Selera and he always accosted me if we met at corridor and on our way to Dewan Selera. When the SPM was around the corner, he became closer. And, he frequently did pranks on me, making jokes and told me about his life. Then, we knew each other.          

Q.       What made you impress of him?
Nothing I guess. HAHA, actually he is kind of good boy. He always performs his prayer on time and obeys his family. He’s nice to me. Treat me respectfully but, sometimes rough. And you know I’m lying right now. HAHA..nahh he is.

Q.       Do you think that he would betray you someday?
Why do you say that? are out question. HAHA, of course he wouldn’t. He is too kind for that although he once owed me some money during we were having a meal at stadium after finished watching the football match and also for the ticket, the total was RM 7 and he was pretending nothing happened until now. HAHA, nothing actually. He’s kind to me so it would be deal if I just treat him. Prices of friendship wouldn’t be too cheap (wekkkk)    

Rank: Super-Chaotic
 3. Arief (Arep) 

Q.      Is he really nice to you?  
             Arep is a kind of tolerant and nice friend if you knew him better and understand what he feel for some circumstances. He could be annoying sometime and I knew he has problem if he acting in that manner. But, he does really nice to me.

Q.     Do you two ever spend your time together and what for?
We do. For these two months we frequently go out to seek for a job that we never ever get employed. We ever walked for a whole day around the mall and filled the form for the job application. 360 DEGREE around the town, for two months. It was extremely frustrated because we were not hired. But, now I seem so frustrated when he left me for Pizza Hut Delivery. 
Haha, seem the luck is for him then. He is now trained at Berek 12 Taman Kenangan, the place that we had entered for the interview last couple of weeks. No biggie then, because I’ll leave him for Kuala Lumpur, the place that full of job requirement.

Q.  Do you ever got mad to him?
Honestly I had once. It was about a marching competition and I don't want to elaborate it more. Probably I was getting too tired at the moment and I just don't mind about it. That's me. Always get chill. 

Rank : Super Duper Uncontrollable 
 4. Fais and Azwan (Budu & Bichik)
 Q.   Why are they come as one?
 Haha..they come from the same package. I met Bichik first then I met Budu, but they both were the same gang. I joined them because THEY'RE DAMN FUNNY and made me gasping for more oxygen, laughing of course. Budu especially. With his stupid jokes and pranks, he successfully make me comfort to surrounding as I was the new student there. Bichik also is protective friend. He sometimes backed-up me if I was in trouble, due to skipping class of course.

Q.  Have they ever did prank on you?
No, I guess. But with another my friend named Hadi, we once did pranks on Bichik for his birthday. We planned with our little brats (my Form 1 juniors) to shower him with flour. And we did. To avoid him from getting angry, some cake could make it. Yes, we bought the cake for him.

Q. What do you did with them that made you laughed out load?
The Cannibal Holocaust ..!!! HAHAHA

Rank : Super little one

 5.  Ahmad Fathi (Fathie)

Q. Why he is so special?
Fathi is my junior. The superb one as he can tell many facts that he have read. The word genius would probably fix to label him. He is good at history, politic and general knowledge.When he starts to speak, he manages to attract other people to listen. He is the little one from Johore. So, my point of view, he is quite strong kid as he could stay at Tumpat for 3 years. Far away from south of Malaysia to east-coast  of  the peninsular. Bravo  

Q. What prove that make you appreciate the friendship?
He is quite supportive. To prove it? How can I say is I value him by treating him like my own brother (although I don't have any little brother) Beside that, I once presented a cap for him before his graduation  day. Although it was just an ordinary, cheap cap but it's the present from my sister for the straight A's  in my PMR. Then, the miracle happen, he got 8A's also

Q. Do you ever promise something to him?'s not a promise. I do plan to visit him at MRSM TGB soon. 

Rank : Super Emotional =P
6. Hasan Zikri (Hasan) 

Q. Your other junior? Does he respect you as the older one?
Hasan is religious person but something mind him to get involved in love. HAHA, he always told me about the problem between him and his lovely one. Sometimes he asked me for some advices. Well, I am not expert in love, so I just advise him with logic and what he suppose to do maturely. And about the respect, he is. 

Q. Does he ever help you for some favor?
 A friend to talk and share some problem, of course.I always ask him to get down  from his level to make some coffee together and we talk much.

Q. What show you nice to him? 
A proper talk and nice in treating. Sometime, I treated him KFC and nasi komok. Well, I'm quite loaded in spending.

Rank : Super Annoying
 7. Luqman Hakim (Luqmey)  

Q. What makes him so annoying?
For holding on the phone frequently. Really make me sick of him. Sometimes he could be very annoying when we fight about our batch respectively. He never want to lose in the argument. And for short, he is stubborn kid that I ever know. HAHA honestly..       

Q. What do you think that he is nice to you?
For treating me nicely but not as the older one, as friend. I got close to him when the night that he nursed me during I was having my night sick. Well, despite him ambition is to be a doctor,  for the sake of humanity, haha I do appreciate him for nursing me when I was disable. Thanks kid.  

Q. Describe your thought shortly about him?
Religious, stubborn, attention-seeker, romantic, caring, naive, unpredictable, respectful, family over everything, optimistic, diligent, rough, clumsy and whatever. HAHA I think those characteristics don't need any description or else it'll be too long to describe.

Rank : Super Duper Understanding

8. Amaluddin and Syuhada (Amalda)   

Q. Why are they come as the same package either?
They're the sweet couple of course. Amal was my roommate and classmate either. For Ada, I know  her when my father greeted her father. Yes, her father and mine are old friend. After that, we were slowly getting knew each other. 

            Q. What do they have in common for you?
Both are always giving me advices, They're really understanding me. Mostly Ada, she advises me to be better in my life with other friends. Teaches me how to work with my relationship problem. And Amal for short, he is quite caring though he do not show it obviously.
Q. Describe your thought about them (in paragraph and continuously)
Very sweet and lovely pair of doves, although I haven't see them get close to each other. Maybe it's quite hard for Amal to show his gentlemen character to her. In fact, they're keeping in touch each other secretly. 
For me, they're like my sibling. Never ever let me fall alone. Beside that, they give me strong hope when I do really need for it. And I guess, they wouldn't like me for posting this in my blog. HAHA        

Rank : Super Courteously
9. Isa Saizan (Ise)

Q. What show him so courteous?
Accosting the seniors for sure, when he meet them in his way. And, he is well-known as very nice boy among his batch. Never ever higher his tone to anyone, even his junior. A boy who never forget to smile.

Q. What do you envy about him? 
Being popular in the collage and brilliant. HAHA, he is so famous as all the girls are crazy about him. He becomes so famous because of his attitude toward teachers and to the people surrounding. A brilliant boy of course. I think, I am jealous with him.

Q. Do you ever think that he could possibly be a good brother to you?
Why not. He got all the criteria that the younger brother suppose to have. HAHA

Rank : Super Strong (Iron Maiden)

10. Syahirah (Ara)

Q.Why she is so strong lady?
She could make many things by her own. She organized our annual dinner herself mostly. Ara is the Vice President of SRC in my collage. So, she have faced many task to run the activity in our collage and I was quite shocked when she told us that she was diagnosed of SLE and I really admire her because, a girl in her age has to face a very hard burden and she's strong to face it.        

Q.Do you like her?
HAHA, do you want me to be punched by her fiance?

            Q.If she read your blog, what the personal message would to tell her?  

Dear Ara, 

Be strong and never ever give SLE the chance to ruin your life. Always remember that you're not alone and the people around you, want you to curl a smile at your face. We really miss your laugh and the moment when you are gasping for air because you don't have enough oxygen to laugh. Allah SWT actually has sent you to MJSC Tumpat especially for Felix Exitus 1112 to build a very precious memory together.  

Rank : Super Adventurous

11. Amirul Ariff (Yoe)

Q. Why "Super Adventurous" you labeled him?
Because there are many unpredictable moments when you are with him. I love the way he makes joke to our teacher. Like he shut his ears when Madam Zanafina walked along the corridor with her wooden sandals. And when he talked to Ustazah Zaleha, my very strict and serious teacher ever, and yet their conservation was damn funny.   

Q. Does he ever shows kindness to you?
Yes, he coaxed me to study together when I was uncontrollable in stress. It happened when I was shouting in stressful during the evening at my class because of damn tonnes of homework to do. He calmed me down and helped me to cope the stress.

Q. Could you please give one television character to describe him?


 Although these listed BEST BUDDIES are in my rank for this post. I actually have so many friends that I love to be with. For those who are not listed, no hard feeling then. Because you are already listed together with them in my heart. Next post for my ranking, my 5 ADMIRING FRIENDS.